Common Genres for Karaoke and Entertainment

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Apart from providing meals and liquor, pubs have gone an extra step to ensure that their clients enjoy their experience. Karaoke is an excellent example of what many pubs have set up to entertain customers. The pubs mostly provide a book with a list of songs that customers could choose from. Once the clients have decided which song they like, the DJ plays it, and the customers get to sing along to it while on stage. Karaoke has become a favourite feature for most people, and here are some of the most common genres.

Country Music

Country music is known and loved globally, and it is, therefore, the most common genre in karaoke. Music that most people can both sing along to and be entertained at the same time is what the managers go for. Country music is prevalent and can, therefore, not be overlooked. The most commonly performed country songs are by famous artists such as; Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, and so many more.

Christmas Carols

Christmas is the biggest holiday celebrated by the entire world at the same time. It is viewed as a time for people to be cheerful and merry. Therefore, many people find themselves wanting to sing their hearts out. Most pubs understand this and thus provide their clients with an opportunity to do precisely that. Over time, so many carols have been composed for the holidays, and several of them were acknowledged worldwide. Such songs are bound to be found in the list.


Pop is a new genre that evolved from R&B music. Although people have different tastes when it comes to music, pop has been accepted worldwide, and much of the world’s population jam to the music. Pop being so popular among the people, it would not be fair if it was left out of the list. Here people also have the opportunity to show off their high notes.