The Most Amazing and Iconic Outback Pubs

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When travelling around the world, there are places where you can lay low and drink a cold beer. Outback pubs are the heartbeat of many communities. They are the perfect places where you can enjoy drinking beer. Hence, here are some of the outback pubs that you can visit any day.

Daly Waters

The Daly Waters pub is a fantastic place that has interior decorations. Flip-flops and bras hang threaded in the garden. Therefore, you can always look for a good spot and order cold beers. Since 1930, this pub has been a great place where you can enjoy a drink.

Betoota Pub

Driving towards the Betoota pub means that you are travelling on bumpy and long stretches of unmade road. Initially, the population at Betoota was low after the first publican’s death. This pub is a must-stop place that has different options. Hence, you can stand at this silent bar, close your eyes, and take heed of the clanking glasses.

Lion’s Den

The Lion’s Den has walls that are surfaced with memorabilia, graffiti, newspaper articles, and bumper stickers. This place has always been the best spot for travellers. It has also been an establishment for laconic drinkers with epic battles and miraculous escapes.

The Palace Hotel

This old establishment has been a feature since 1889. Before, it was a coffee shop that offered a perfect background to the camp road movie, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Now it has progressed into an inclusive and welcoming space. People are even hosting ceremonial events here in Broken Hill. The annual drag festival that celebrates the movie, places this bar on the chart or map.

Concluding Remarks

The modern establishments may have beer, but some of these drinks lack the necessary food accompaniments. However, many golden gems offer you nothing but hospitality. Thus, whenever you are touring, you can stop your car and enjoy one of these pubs.