Three Ways Outback Pubs can Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

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There is no better way to quench your thirst like in the cold weather of an outback pub taking a cold beer. Outback pubs are popular in many parts of the world. However, for some time, outback pubs have been closed due to the threat posed by COVID-19. The unexpected shutdown was a preventive measure of curbing the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

With other social functions resuming, outback pubs are also expected to reopen. Nonetheless, customers and pub owners have to adhere to preventive measures to prevent further spread of the virus. Highlighted below are measures outback pubs must take to stop coronavirus from spreading.

Maintaining Social Distance

Covid-19 can spread rapidly if people stay in crowded places. For example, if an infected person coughs or sneezes in a crowded pub, there are high chances that many people will contract the virus. Therefore, pubs are required to enforce the instructions to maintain social distances. Reducing the number of customers in a pub at ago will help to achieve the two-meter distance highlighted by health organizations.

Restriction of Drinking Time

Alcohol influences the way people think, behave and act. Therefore, if people are allowed to take many beers, it is likely that they will not be responsible. Outback pubs are advised to limit the beer they sell to each client. Besides, clients are advised to take the shortest time. Moreover, limited time means limited interaction, which is an ideal way of lowering the chances of coronavirus spreading.

Payment Method

Coronavirus can live on open surfaces for many hours. Notes, coins and other tangible currencies can become a precarious agent of the virus. For example, if an infected person touches money and passes it to other people, the virus stuck in the coins can infect anyone who touches it. Therefore, outback pubs are required to use alternative payment forms, like bank transfer or mobile money.